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Honored by Seattle Met Magazine

We are so very proud of Dr. Susan Chen to have been named a 2019 Top Dentist by Seattle Met magazine. Big thanks go out to all the area dental professionals who nominated her for this great honor. Please help us congratulate Dr. Chen for this outstanding achievement!

When do I change my toothbrush?

While it may be easy to know when to replace your scuffed up shoes or faded blue jeans, knowing when to change your toothbrush isn’t always obvious. It often depends upon usage and your overall health.   By now, most of us know to brush our teeth twice daily for two minutes and floss every […]

Dental Emergency: We’re here to help!

Got a Dental Emergency? Contact Pine Lake Family Dentistry Dental emergencies happen. But they don’t always happen at a good time! At Pine Lake Family Dentistry, our top priority is patient comfort. So, in an emergency, our goal is to see you immediately, relieve your dental problem as thoroughly and quickly as possible, and get you […]

How to Floss Your Teeth Correctly

courtesy American Academy of Periodontology Yup. You’ve heard it many times before. Brush and floss for a clean and healthy mouth. As a dentist, I personally say it, oh…roughly 30 times a day. And I really do mean it! Brushing and flossing are the most important actions you can take to protect your teeth. Flossing […]

Dental Health for Kids: Here’s what you need to know

I get a gazillion questions from parents throughout the day about their children’s’ dental health. From foods that cause cavities (sticky sweets mostly and refined carbs) and how many teeth should my kid have (20 baby teeth) to the importance of fluoride (very). But, there’s one question I get from parents more than any other: […]

Fluoride: How Much Do We Need?

Every week, I get questions about fluoride. In short, fluoride is important; our teeth and bones depend on it. But how much do we need and where should it come from? First, a quick primer. fluoride protects tooth enamel from the bacteria in plaque that can build up on and around the tooth. It strengthens […]

Expanded End-of-Year Hours

  We’re counting down the remaining days of 2015. The year has gone by fast, so we’re extending our hours to include Friday appointments before closing for the holidays on December 18. Many of you have insurance benefits expiring soon, so we hope these extra hours make it a little easier for you to squeeze […]

Eat, Drink & Be Merry…But Brush Often!

  Nothing embodies the holidays like sharing treats with family and friends. From candy canes and sugar cookies to mulled wine and chai tea, the holidays are so delicious! They’re also potentially harmful to our teeth. With all the celebrating going on, treats are hard to avoid, so I’m offering you a few tips to […]

The Connection between Oral Health and Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a concern for everyone in the medical field, including dentists. October was Breast Cancer Awareness month. But for 1 in 8 women in the U.S., breast cancer is a year-round battle. With those odds, most of us know someone who has or will be diagnosed with breast cancer sometime in their lives. […]

Ghosts, ghouls and community giving

FACT: I don’t mind ghosts. They can lurk up and down the hallways and shake their little chains in the attic and make spooky ghost sounds until the cows come home. I really don’t mind. But, I do love a good scare once in a while, and that’s why haunted houses are so much fun. Getting […]